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judge for six years. >> greta: has there been any talk, do you know what holmes has been doing since he was arrested inside the jail. was he under any medication, under a suicide watch, anything like that? >> he is under segregation. as for medication. that was the first question the local district attorney. she said she couldn't answer that. he appeared to be sedated or something like that during the hearing today. >> greta: what struck me is the fact he was sitting in the jury box and not next to his lawyer. is there any explanation for? >> that i same it was something to do with security. by sitting there he was couple feet away from the door. he was arm's reach of one of the deputies sitting there and he was substantially further away from the victims' families. >> greta: if was there trial going on, there is more security. >> i think they add some security. chain defendants to the tables there. i don't know if they want to take those steps for this early in the hearing. >> who is his lawyer? >> his lawyer, name escapes me now. daniel king who is a local death penalty attorney. he h
: tonight we are live in aurora, colorado and james holmes dressed in a jail jumpsuit made his first appearance. he never out eared word. it was a strange scene inside the courtroom. for more on that, brandon from the aurora sentinel joins us. take me through it. >> what most people were struck by his of various colors, the orange hair, another shade of red on his pants. orange sandals it was a unique scene. once he sat down. he never opened his mouth. he never seemed to acknowledge anything. >> greta: did he seem to look around the courtroom? >> i don't think so. i think he had his eyes on the judge and that was about it. he didn't look at the victims or anything like that. >> greta: what about the victims in the courtroom. who were they if you know and was there reaction? >> there was a handful of families of the deceased. they were surrounded by several victims from around the state. they brought them in from various different agencies. there was one man who i assume was the father of deceased who was staring throughout the entire hearing. i don't think he took his eyes off for a
today. james holmes, the 24-year-old suspect, appearing in court just four days after he allegedly opened fire in a movie theater. the flame red hair, the dazed look. in the front row, parents and friends of the victims, studying his face. the father-in-law of one of the victims said he looked demonic. david muir has covered this story since the first bulletin and he is outside the courtroom. david? >> reporter: as you know, so many families told me they want to focus on the survivors, the victims hire. but today, a community did pause to stare down a gunman face to face. the guards on the courthouse as james holmes was walked in an under ground tunnel to the courtroom. and the victims, heads down. and a woman on crutches, a couple arm in arm. this is what they saw. james holmes, his hair still died that comic book color. his eyes at times, exaggerated, wide open. offering a stunned expression. other times, seeming to struggle to keep them open to stay awake. >> you have a right to know the charges. >> reporter: also, was the suspect on medication. there was moments when he went fr
but his demeanor caught everyone's attention. james holmes sat glassy eyed looking bewilderebewildered. >> reporter: good morning. suspect james holmes is back in s solitaire confinement this morning. his family is standing by him and they're concerned about the death penalty. investigators for james holmes defense team are scheduled to be inside the century 16 theater today looking for any evidence they can find which could help defend their client. on monday, holmes appeared in court for the first time for a preliminary hearing. his hair was dyed orange red and he had a dazed look as a judge advised him about his rights and his alleged crime. >> you committed the offense of first-degree murder which is a class 1 felony under colorado law. >> reporter: some of the victim's families were inside the room including ian sullivan, the father of veronica moser-sullivan. david waited outside of the courtroom. his son was shot in the head and is in critical condition. >> to feel the pain in there makes you more angry about this man that decided to take everybody's life. >> reporter: prosecuto
massacre made his first court appearance today. james holmes had orange red hair and remained silent as some of the injured victims and their families looked on. joins us live where one of the victims told her holmes deserves no mercy. >> that's right, heather and it was an emotionless james holmes who walked into the courtroom in shackles. he looked dazed at times and really out of it. this is the first step in a series of. >> was shot in the chin. she was among the victims when james holmes made his first court appearance. >> his hair was all orange because he's some freak. >> she thinks he deserves the death penalty. holmes appeared dazed as he listened to the judge. jordan gally who lost his sister jessica skipped the hearing because he was afraid he might lash out at the suspect. >> i don't want to look at the eyes of the man that took away my sister and 11 other lives. >> reporter: he has reportedly not been cooperating with police. prosecutors stopped short of calling it a slam dunk case. >> the investigation doesn't stop. it will continue up through trial. >> reporter: an att
of him in the courtroom. police say 24-year-old james holmes is the man who opened fire in a crowded theater in aurora, colorado. his victims saw him in bulletproof body armor. today they got quite a surprise. >> reporter: james holmes appeared dazed, confused and sometimes comatose in his first court appearance. james holmes did not say a word as the judge said he would be charged one week from today and that bail is out of the question. >> given the nature of the charges you are held on a no bond hold. >> reporter: he was arrested friday morning outside the movie theater where he killed 12 and wounded 58 others during the movie dark knight rises. he was in front of the theater when the gunman began shooting. the man he saw today has nothing in common with the cold blooded killer who appeared before him in body armor. the brother of the sportscaster killed, says he believes james holmes is putting on an act. >> this guy is nothing -- he is a coward and a genius. >> reporter: the father of another victim was at the hearing today. >> death. >> reporter: prosecutor's say it is too earl
, and the impression james holmes made on victims' families. it's tuesday, july 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we will take you live off to colorado in just a moment for our top story. >>> and then the harsh punishment for penn state's prestigious football program. what's next for the campus after the ncaa's decision. an unprecedented decision from the governing body there in college football, definitely their football program is going to struggle the next couple of years as well as the the economy surrounding state college. >> not only just the number of scholarships, the $60 million fine, and then, no post season for the next four years. they hit them from every angle. if you watched the press conference with the ncaa officials, the word, used, was culture, want to change the culture of the program. so no one was shocked. i've don't think. they expected this to come down the pike. it has the. >>> disturbing video coming from a mississippi day-care center. the surveillance pictures getting a lot of
for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. >>> back to our top story, james holmes was a one-man arsenal when he walked into the aurora movie theater friday morning. >> investigators say he had two pistols, a shotgun and an automatic weapon. and bought 6,000 rounds of ammo all on line. abc's pierre thomas shows us how holmes was able to arm himself so very easily. >> reporter: abc news has learned and authorities suspect if all had gone according to the suspect's plan, the bombs in his apartment would have blown up the walls of his residence and possibly burned down the entire building. this fireball was created when police disposed of only part of the death trap. police had to overcome a room full of bombs and a spaghetti jumble of wires. once finally inside, police discovered evidence of an apparent obsession with batman. according to sources, among the paraphernalia recovered, a batman mask and batman poster. the most critical item found a computer. police hope it will be the key to unlocking why holmes went on his murderous rampage. but many are left to wonder how holmes
at friday's mass shooting. she was among the victims and their families in attendance when james holmes made his first court appearance monday. his hair was all orange because he's some freak. she thinks he deserves the death penalty. he planed to kill more people than he did. he shouldn't be able to breathe anymore honestly. holmes appeared dazed as he listened to the judge read his rights and give notice no bond would be granted. jordan ghawi, who lost his sister jessica, skipped the hearing because he was fraid he might lash out at the suspect. i don't want to look in the eyes of the man who took away my sister and 11 other lives. tom teves, who lost his son alex, wants the media to stop covering the suspect. we always say why, why? and we never know why. but we got enough data. let's start figuring out why. and i'll guarantee one of them is because they want to be on television. hey want to be infamous. holmes has reportedly not been cooperating with police. however they say they have evidence he'd been plotting the massacre for months. a law enforcement official who 3 viewed the
holmes. you found something that might be significant. >> jon: ooh! that's george stephanopoulos anchoring the coverage, throwing to his colleague brian ross who found something... i believe george stephanopoulos used the phrase "that might be significant." go! >> there's a jim holmes in the aurora tea party site talking about him joining the tea party last year. we don't know if this is the same jim holmes, but it's a jim holmes of roerz, colorado. (audience reacts) >> jon: obviously correct response to that statement is brian, i thought you said you had something significant! (laughter) not "hey, george, let me interrupt you, i put the name james holmes into my search engine and hit the "i'm feeling lazy button." (laughter and applause) of course stephanopoulos is in the middle... stephanopoulos is in the middle of doing a lot of things and i'm assuming he was under the impression that brian ross checked out this (bleep) he's saying on air before saying it. because brian ross is the chief investigative correspondent and not, let's say, the office gossip. (laughter) yeah, jim hu
of a suspected mass murderer, james holmes. the man suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in a packed movie theater on friday appeared in court today, with bright red hair and dramatic facial expressions, he looked like he was out of it at times. he looked blankly up and down and staring into space at times. and it looked like a man who was out of it. and for the first time, we're hearing about this neuroscience student. we're about to hear his voice for the first time. we did not hear him in court. this is holmes speaking at a science camp in san diego from 2006. he's 18 years old in this video obtained by abc news. and here he talks about a shared interest with a mentor. >> he also studied subjective experience, which is what take place inside the mind as opposed to the external world. i'm carrying on his work in dealing with subjective experience. >> and in jail a just-released inmate told "the new york daily news" he saw holmes spitting at guards and at the door of the cell. tonight he's in suicide watch and in solitary confinement. and we heard from the suspect's pare
to the shooter. james holmes refusing to cooperate, using evidence bags as hand puppets. what was fueling his bizarre actions in the courtroom. >>> family fight. police called overnight to the jackson home. this photo showing janet jermaine jackson arguing. new details to where the king of pop's mom has really been all the time. >>> and -- the boss' shocking secrets revealed. bruce springsteen opening up. >>> and the whole gang and breaking as we come on the air, that major increase in security at the olympics. the military force is now going to top 18,000 overall. minimum wage guards who weren't adequately trained and the government is not taking any chances now, just three days before the opening ceremonies. >> that's right, opening ceremonies on friday. >>> also ahead, the latest on the punishment for penn state, slapped with major penalties in the wake of that abuse scandal. so much emotional reaction from all sides. and a lot of debate of whether this punishment was too harsh on the school and the students there now. >>> also this morning, we're going to welcome will ferrell, can't wait
disturbing look at james holmes in the courtroom yesterday. abc's dan harris was right there when it happened. and dan, what a bizarre scene. >> reporter: george, honestly, i've never seen anything like it. and if you thought his behavior inside the courtroom was bizarre, abc news is learning now information this morning about his demeanor ever since he was arrested that paints a picture that is even more strange. even before this bizarre spectacle of james holmes in court with that shock of orange higher and that face, looking alternately bug-eyed, bores, or blasted, even before this, police sources tell abc news that holmes has been acting in an extremely strange manner, ever since he was taken into custody. refusing to cooperate, acting as if he was unaffected by his arrest and even after officers put evidence bags over his hands to preserve the gunpowder residue, pretending they were hand puppets. the james holmes we're seeing now is a universe away from the clean-cut, up-and-coming neuroscientist he once was. >> you're currently being held. >> reporter: he remained utterly glazed even wh
or hadn't slept a lot. paint us a picture for what it was like to get a glimpse of holmes today. >> reporter: it was tough, i would imagine, for the many people who were intently watching this. he appeared as some sort of comic book character emerging in that courtroom. i think everyone got over the shock of seeing the red hair, the attention really turned to his demeanor. and i think people were just stunned by his complete dazed look, bewilderment at times, confused. he appeared sedated and completely out of it in many ways. it's led to a lot of speculation throughout the day that he might have been medically sedated by authorities here in the jail in arapahoe county. we've reached out to the sheriff's office in charge of that jail. they say they cannot tell us whether or not he's been medically sedated or given anything. the speculation will have to continue. i think many people were stunned by that. all of this is significant. since he was arrested in the early morning hours of friday, the authorities here in colorado had refused to release his mug shot. this was the first t
monday. >> now, james holmes made his first court appearance yesterday and now prosecutors are going to talk to the family member of the victims about whether to pursue the death penalty. fox 5's lauren demarco is in the newsroom now with the details. >> reporter: the shooting left 12 people dead, dozens injured and a community heart broken. yesterday was the first time the public got a look at james holmes since he allegedly walked into the century 16 movie theater and opened fire. the 24-year-old and in court to hear a judge explain why he is being held without bond. holmes with his hair still died that orange-red was offer a chance to speak but he stayed quiet. he sat as though in a daze in the colorado courtroom. at one point, he even seemed to doze off. holmes is being held in solitary confinement. authorities say he is refusing to cooperate and it could take months to learn what prompted friday's horrific shooting rampage and a midnight screening of the dark knight rises. the defendants will likely argue that the suspect was not in good mental health at the time of the shooting
's history. >> call people vs. james holmes. >> reporter: his appearance was bizarre, disengaged, unsettling. the pink/orange hair atop the prison jump suit, lethargic movements, jes holmes looking no one in the eye when his eyes were open and reacting in no visible way when the judge told him why he was being held without bond. >> the duty judge made a preliminary determination of probable cause to believe you committed the offense of first-degree murder. >> reporter: a death penalty case though the decision to seek death will only be made after prosecutors hear the victims' families want it. >> victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years if the death penalty is sought. >> reporter: this was a brief, procedural hearing, a gag order limiting the release of information about the case and the reading of the defendant's rights to holmes, himself. >> you have a right to remain silent. >> reporter: the investigation of holmes accelerated saturday when his booby trapped apartment was defused by a controlled detonation. before that, a robotic camera had recorded what was
holmes comparecer ante la justicia, en un hecho que dejÓ 12 muertos, 58 heridos el viernes pasado este lunes 25 de los heridos permanecen en el hospital, tenemos una amplÍa cobertura de equipo desde el lugar de la tragedia con vanessa h. y christina londoÑo, comenzamos en donde se centro toda la atenciÓn, ahÍ estÁ christina con los detalles christina adelante. >> gracias josÉ, buenas tardes, james holmes estÁ o trae vez en la cÁrcel sin derecho a libertad bajo fianza y en una celda aislada por su propia protecciÓn, segÚn versiones que pude confirmar le han gritado asesino de niÑos al perecetesta peen te y sobre el momento del ingreso, pero versiones muy distintas al hombre al que pudimos ver hoy dÍa esta tarde en la corte a mis espaldas. >> la foto cobrÓ vida, teÑido y desorientado como estuviera en un trance se presentÓ en corte. su aspecto muy diferente al del hombre que muchos dicen los traumo traumatizo por el resto de su dÍas. >> vi aproximadamente como 20 personas cayendo al suelo muertos o heridos. >> en esta primera audiencia el juez notificÓ al ex estudiante
with the aftermath of the colorado shooting massacre. most of us got our first glimpse of james holmes during a court appearance yesterday. the longtime friends say they hardly recognize the young man they once new. >> with more on the unfolding legal case, we're joined by brandy in sentinel, colorado today. >> reporter: good morning, he appeared to be locked in his own world. >> given the nature of the charges you're currently being held. >> reporter: by dyed comic book hair, 24-year-old holmes sat silent in a colorado courtroom looking dazed and confused just like his booking photo. >> i sat looking at his face and eventually i had to get past that and see who the killer was. >> reporter: some of the victim's families walked into court hand in hand. it was the first time they could see the man police say opened fire in a movie theater, killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. it has some speculatoring he would be drugged. >> reporter: abc's dan abrams said it could help with an insanity plea. >> he could be extremely tired, some defect or he's faking it. >> reporter: as detectives now combed thr
, colorado. ra-year-old james holmes made his first court appearance, but prom the looks of him, it wasn't imtirely clear that he knew he cs there. sitting next to one of his attorneys, his orange hair made am look like a character from the batman movies. as the judge spoke, holmes didn't seem to make eye contact. di in fact, he didn't seem to follow the conversation at all. we have a team of correspondents covering this story. barry petersen was in the courtroom with holmes and, barry how did he seem in person? r reporter: well, i have to say scott, it was really sort of eerie to be there. he seemed so uninvolved. it was almost chilling, because we're talking about the fate of his life. atankly, i had a hard time taking my eyes off of him. you keep staring at that face, looking for some clue as to why this happened. he, on the other hand, seemed uninterested and when he was offered a chance to speak he turned it down. >> mr. holmes, do you have any questions about that initial advisement? >> thank you, mr. king. >> reporter: the hearing's purpose was to inform holmes of charge he is wou
's massacre in aurora, colorado. today two women who were wounded said the suspect, james holmes, was shouting at his victims. barry pederson has the interview. >> reporter: witnesses say the shooter said nothing as he repeatedly fired into the audience. but from the hospital, survivors alee young who was shot in the neck and stephanie davis who kept her friend from bleeding to death remember it differently. >> i see him up there. and i'm hearing him yell at people and then you just hear the rounds going off just boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: off camera davis told reporters later he would shout, "what are you doing? i said stand up." he would pick people up. i saw him stand over someone. i just see hair and him holding the shirt and, boom. >> it's sad for me to know that there's people out there that just go through life where they just massacre, you know, for lack of a better word, just to massacre people and i feel so sorry for him. i feel so sorry. >> reporter: investigators, including the lead prosecutor karen pierson, scoured holmes' apartment today. investigators were also coming
was a 6 year old who just learned to swim. james holmes made his first court appearance monday with flaming red hair and a dazed look. holmes sat silent. one father says holmes looked demonic. sanchez says his daughter barely escaped the theater. her husband was shot in the head and remains in a coma. >> she confirmed this morning, when it's your own daughter, she escaped from death by just mere seconds, i would say, it makes you angry. >> holmes is not cooperating with investigators. reports indicate he was plotting the massacre for a number of months. >>> close call for more than a dozen moms and newborn babies in annapolis, evacuated from the arundel county medical center after a three alarm fire. it broke out on the third floor around 6:00. the floor is dedicated to women recovering from childbirth. smoke removal took an extended period of time. we forced air in to the building from outside. they tried to evacuate the smoke from the building. >> 60 firefighters responded to the blaze. no one was hurt. the fire was out in 15 minutes. investigators are looking for a cause. >>
of the families were in the courthouse. i can only imagine how painful that must have been for them to see holmes in there and kind of act so, unfazed by everything. >> you can see the emotion on their faces too as they walked in. it appeared some of them were crying. what i found interesting is that you had perfect strangers who never knew, never knew each other before this tragedy and together some of them wanted to hold hands as they walked in. i also heard that in court, other families that were walking and meeting for the first time hugged in the middle of the courtroom. nice to meet you. they seemed to be unified, in this experience together. i think you are going to be seeing a lot more of that as, the hearing, the trial resumes. >> the bond of common loss on display in that courtroom. thank you to abc's brandi hitt reporting live from centennial, colorado. thank you, brandi. stay with abc news on the air and online as we cover every development from colorado in this horrible story. you can find updates at abcnews.com. >>> turning to politics and the west coast where the president and mitt
controversy. >> there is a jim holmes of aurora, colorado page on the colorado tea party site as well. >> bill: abc news making significant mistake on the early coverage of the massacre. bernie goldberg will have some thoughts on that. >> the ncaa is imposing a fine of $60 million on the university. >> bill: penn state gets hammered. its football program cut way back for at least four years in the wake of the sandusky child molestation scandal. but is the punishment enough? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks forever watching us tonight. guns murder and the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. far left idealogues are demagoguing the mass murder in colorado. they want gun control in the country. uber liberal bill moyers is the poster boy for that. >> the killer in colorado waiting only for an opportunity. and there you have it. the arsenal of democracy transformed into the arsenal of death. and the nra, the nra is the enabler of death. paranoid, delusional, and as venomous as a corps i don't kn
of the worst mass killings in american history. with his attorney at his side, james eagan holmes sat in silence in a colorado courtroom today. holmes with his hair dyed a reddish-orange appeared dazed at times and showed little emotion. as the judge informed him of his rights. holmes has been held at solitary confinement at a local detention facility. his motives for killing 12 people, injured 58 others at a colorado theater remain a mystery. prosecutors are expected to file formal charges next week. the district attorney says she would get impact from the victims before decided whether to seek the death penalty. >> the victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years, if the death penalty is sought. >> investigators are now poring over evidence found in james holmes' apartment. it took police two days to safely disarm it, discovering gallons of gas and body traps rigged to kill anyone who walked through the door. he had been stock piling weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition for months. no red flags were raised because it's all perfectly legal. there's
monsters like james holmes in colorado. another memo to bill moyers? this week marks the one year anniversary that some nut shot and killed 77 human beings in norway. norway. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. 24-year-old james holmes appeared in court today. he will be charged next week you can see how bizarre this guy is colorado has the death penalty and odds are this guy will get it. joining us from the mile high city colorado prosecutor craig silverman and fox news anchor jon scott has been covering the story from the very beginning, did great work for us on friday night what's the headline today, john? >> his first court appearance judge appearance for yourself. onk hair detached expression. to me, it looks like he is some where vacillating between sorrow, drowsiness and bemused attachment when he is appearing in that courtroom filled with the weeping victims and their family members. the people he is accused of shooting. when asked whether he understood his rights holmes lawyer spoke for him as far as weekend tell, he didn't say a word. as bad as the shooti
. brian, you've been investigating the background of jim holmes, you found something that might be significant. >> there is a jim holmes of aurora, colorado, page, on the colorado tea party side as well talking about him joining the tea party last year. now, we don't knows if f this is the same jim holmes, but it is jim holmes of aurora, colorado. >> stephen: is a damning association for the tea party mitigated only by the fact that it is completely inaccurate. (laughter) thank you for that thoughtful and hasty googling, brian. turns out, there was a different jim holmes, but what can you expect from brian ross? i googled him and apparently brian ross was recently arrested for distributing meth while working in a nebraska taco town restaurant. (laughter) the secret code is "i'd like a chimichanga-- with extra meth." (laughter) now, not to be outdone in the fine art of political finger-pointing, my colleagues at the conservative web site www.breitbart.com landed the exclusive speculation "dark knight" aurora, colorado, shooting suspect could be registered democrat. ah-ha! a regis
with the victim's families about whether to push for the death penalty. suspected shooter james holmes made his first court appearance yesterday but seemed dazed and inattentive. he is expected to be formally charged in court next monday. he is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others in friday's shooting rampage. >>> harsh sanctions against penn state's football program. the penalties include a $60 million fine, a four-year ban on bowl games and a loss of 10 freshman scholarships each year appears erasing every win from 1999 to 2011. >>> d.c. police are investigating a recent assault as a possible hate crime. officers say 29-year-old michael hall and his partner were walking home saturday night when a group of young people jumped them. hall, who is a yoga instructor, is still recovering from surgery after breaking his jaw and fracturing his cheekbone. i >>> the life of a space pipe ore. we are remembering astronaut sally ride would changed the space program by becoming the first woman to orbit the earth. she passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 61. he
in the colorado movie shooting made his first appearance in court today. james holmes remained silent but his orange red hair spoke volumes. some of the injured victims and those who were killed looked on. >> reporter: without fire power and body armour this accused mass killer looked anything but menacing in court today. james holmes' hair is comic book orange not green like the jokers. the powerful batman character he alleged to be when arrested. his eyed fluttered, they drooped, they closed. he appeared dazed, never spoke. family members of some victims thought holmes a once budding neurosciencetist was faking. >> he's a coward and a genius. he knows what he's doing, he's faking the system. >> reporter: the district attorney says she wouldn't be told if he was getting medication in jail. she said it was unlikely. >> it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. >> what's the appropriate punishment for this man? >> death. >> reporter: david sanchez left court to see his daughter due to deliver her first child
. >>> the suspect in the colorado movie shooting made his first appearance in court today. james holmes remained silent but his orange red hair spoke volumes. some of the injured victims and those who were killed looked on. >> reporter: without fire power and body armour this accused mass killer looked anything but menacing in court today. james holmes' hair is comic book orange not green like the jokers. the powerful batman character he alleged to be when arrested. his eyed fluttered, they drooped, they closed. he appeared dazed, never spoke. family members of some victims thought holmes a once budding neurosciencetist was faking. >> he's a coward and a genius. he knows what he's doing, he's faking the system. >> reporter: the district attorney says she wouldn't be told if he was getting medication in jail. she said it was unlikely. >> it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. >> what's the appropriate punishment for this man? >> death. >> reporter: david sanchez left court to see his daughter due to deliver
graduate school at the university of maryland this fall. >> reporter: in a colorado courtroom, james holmes looked out of it and tired making bizarre facial expressions and never said a word. holmes murdered 12 people, and injured 58 more during a midnight screening of the new batman movie in aurora, colorado. one of the 58 victim whose survive second anderson, who enrolled to start graduate school at the university of maryland this fall. her facebook page lists her as already living in dc. before transfering to georgetown, she was in a small mawsic program with anderson for three years at university of the pacific where anderson graduated. anderson was shot four times including in the face. she is improving after surgeries. >> it's crazy. i've been in shock. >> reporter: prosecutors say they are considering going for the death penalty for holmes but will talk with victims and victims' families. >> victims will be impacted by that decision in a an enormous way for years if the death penalty is sought. it's a long process. >> we have also learned anderson's mother has been battling cancer. a
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